Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something's got to give

When I started this blog, I had high hopes that I would be able to post five days a week, with interesting topics for each, and pictures to go along with all my recipes.  I've quickly learned that January is a bad time to start a blog when I have all of the following on my plate:  silent auction co-chair for the Juniors benefit on March 5, ticket sales chair for the Juniors benefit, member of the Juniors nominating committee, wife, employee, cook, mom to Winnie, housekeeper, etc, etc, etc.  Last minute benefit details are consuming nearly every single free moment I have.  Just in the past three weeks, I've had nine week night commitments, plus the typical weekend errands, appointments, and chores that are part of a working girl's (not THAT kind of working girl!) life.  Oh, and it seems I caught that stomach bug, too.  Ugh!

So, rather than add to my already increasing list of things to do, I have decided that something, or a few somethings have to give until after March 5.  But, I promise that after the benefit, and maybe a week or so to catch my breath, I'll be back, ready to tell you all about the things I've been making and plan to make, including a sewing tutorial. 

See you soon,

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