Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm bananas for a still-ripe banana!

I may be late to the party in learning this little gem of wisdom, but it has since changed my life.  Okay, so that's a bit dramatic for a tip that involves bananas.  Yet, it is clearly a big enough deal that I found it necessary to write more than 200 words about it.  I have a banana nearly every day, about mid-afternoon, to tide me over until dinner.  And, there is nothing (fruit-related) that I hate more than an over-ripe banana.  I used to throw more bananas away than I care to think about.  No more my friends. 

You see, there's a simple trick to keep your bananas from ripening too quickly, so that those few bananas that you do not get to until the end of the week are not all brown, soft and destined for the garbage or a batch of banana bread.  Simply separate the bunch of bananas so that instead of a bunch you have individual bananas. I'm sure there is some chemical explanation for why this helps slow the ripening process; but, frankly, I don't care about the science.  I just want a banana on Friday that doesn't make me cringe.  This trick accomplishes that perfectly.  I don't promise that this trick will keep those more-green-than-yellow bananas that you buy on Sunday still looking that way on Friday. But, it does keep them from being so brown they look more like banana-shaped coconuts.

I'm off to enjoy my (still yellow!) banana.

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